Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Here in Ky. we have a lot of church home-comings in the summer. It is good to get to go visit with different churchs and fellowship with them. Altho, I have been very sick and could not go to many this year I did feel some better and got to go to my son-in-law's chuch homecoming. But I paid for it on the way home. I could not hardly breathe at all. This virus that I took sure done something to my lungs and I don't know if I will ever get better.
I have never saw so much food at one place and all of it so very good.  We are still talking wondering where it all came from. My husband was talking on the way to church how we hoped that there would be enough food to go around. You never know with a home coming how many will cook or how many will show up. I told him don't worry we will have enough and if we don't all you have to do is ask God to let what you do have just multiply and feed everyone and I believe he will do it. It has worked before.
Everyone know me and how I just love to get new recipes. Of course there were new dishes and I just had to have the recipes to some of them. His aunt made some of the best cornbread stuffing I believe I have ever ate. So I got her to give me her recipe for it.
The men sure don't know what if feels like to get up early and stand and cook and know you have a time limit to get it all done in to head off to church. I think they should appricate us more.
By the time we get there we are so tired we just flop down and want to sit there and rest. Then it is also a job to set it all up and then the clean up also.
To me I think the churchs should have a group that cooks, a group that sets it up and another group that does the cleanup so it don't put it all off on just one group.
 But anyway not only was the dinner good the church service was also good with some very good preaching from one of the visiting brothers. It is good to know that here in the mountains we still have the old time dinner on the ground theme that lets us visit with people that have moved off and left and just get togather and have a good fellowship with each other.
I will be putting (if I am still feeling better) a lot of new recipes on my blog and boy are they good. Some I have never made or heard of. We are going this week, I hope, to another homecoming and I just might get some good dessert recipes from there. lol.
 I do not think I will ever get caught up on moving all my recipes from our old family site where msn shut down our site. But it wont be long until winter again and I can work more on them then......